PB4 Booster Pump - Polaris® PB4 60 Booster Pump and Motor 3/4 HP

Polaris® PB4 60 Booster Pump

Polaris® PB4 Booster Pump

A pool is for relaxation. Enjoy your pool more with the quiet running Polaris® PB4 Booster Pump.

The power driving your pool cleaner is every bit as important as the cleaner itself. The Magnetek 3/4 HP motor in the PB4 Polaris® is powerful, fast, and durable. The combination of this superior motor plus Polaris® quality and technology make the PB4 Booster Pump one you can buy with confidence.

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Features (PB4-60)

  • Booster pump for pressure side pool cleaner
  • 3/4 HP
  • 230/115 volts
  • Pump stand and installation kit included
  • Manufacturer: Polaris®
  • Model No.: PB460

Polaris® PB4 Booster Pump - Description

Polaris® has been an industry leader for years, offering quality and technology you can count on. The PB4 Booster Pump is equipped with a 3/4 horsepower motor to provide ample pressure at all times for efficient operation.

Not only will you enjoy superior performance from your pool cleaner, the PB4 Polaris® runs much quieter than comparable pumps on the market. Your pool cleaner will quickly and effectively clean your pool without all the annoying noise.

The PB4 Booster pump relieves your existing pool pump from having to run your cleaner too. That helps extend the life of your filtration system, and at the same time your pool cleaner gets the pressure it needs to do its job.

What Customers Say

Average of customer rating on Amazon.com is 4.5 out of 5 stars, from a total of 158 customer reviews.

"This is original equipment by Polaris., September 5, 2013"
Priced right through Amazon.com. This Polaris pool cleaner pump package included new water lines and the attachment fittings. I did not know that these were included. Very nice!"

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